How To Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Few things in life are capable of scarring your heart and psyche forever more than a love that is unreturned. When you feel such an immense, overwhelming amount of loving emotion for someone who could never feel the same way about you it pierces you to the very core of your being in a way that no physical wound ever could.

All of those feelings, all of that time and energy spent daydreaming and fantasizing about what could be, resulting in a complete anti-climax. Oh. They don’t feel the same way. It’s as if you’ve reached the end of the rainbow only to find an empty pot – the shell of what might have been.

You’re left with only disappointment and sadness as you dwell on what could have been if only the person of your dreams felt a fraction of what you feel for them.

Although it’s unbearably painful, you will get over unrequited love in time. It takes a lot of changing your attitude and strengthening your mind to get back on your own two feet – especially when it feels like there was never anything there in the first place to get worked up over. It’s as if everything you ever wanted was a pipe dream.

Here are five steps to get over someone who doesn’t love you back:

Accept the reality of your situation

The first step in getting over unrequited love is to accept the way things are.

Accept the fact that you love someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. Accept that you cannot control how anyone feels about you. Accept the way it makes you feel – depressed, unworthy, unlovable, incapable of being truly happy – or all of these and more. The sooner you accept the way things are both inside your mind and in your external life, the sooner you’ll come to terms with what is and stop thinking about what could have been. This will allow you to move on with your life and your precious love.
Know your worth
It’s important to recognize what a kick-ass person you are. Remind yourself of how brilliant you are, of how much someone who doesn’t recognize all the beauty in you is missing. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself if you need to. Remember that life is always a work in progress, and that one day your romantic world will come good. Keep moving forward, and know that you’re as incredible, unique, and totally worthy of love as anyone has ever been.

Focus on yourself

The next step is to work on self-improvement. This isn’t so much to make yourself more attractive to a future partner as it is to boost your own self-esteem and remind yourself just how much you’re capable of if you really try. Work out, pick up new hobbies you’ve been wanting to try, and start living your life for you and you alone. You don’t need anyone to make you complete. You’ve had all that is necessary for completeness within you from the very beginning.

Spend time with those closest to you

The times when you feel lowest and most alone are the times you most need your loved ones close. Take the time and make the effort to really reconnect with the people who mean the most to you. Your friends and family will be with you through thick or thin, and being in their company will help you to see for yourself all of the things that make you so brilliant. You’ll be reminded just how great life can be, and you’ll feel re-energized and ready to move on to better times.

Remind yourself that the right person will see your true value

If a person is right for you, you will both know it. They will see all the beautiful, incredible things that make you you. They’ll know deep down that you’re right for them. If a person doesn’t see your true worth, then they’re not right for you – no matter how much you might feel like they are. You need someone who will recognize you for the amazing person you are.

Getting over someone who doesn’t love you back is one of those things which often goes unnoticed by other people, but cuts just as deep as the loss of any love.

After all, the feelings you have for the person that doesn’t see you in the same light are real. The fact that no one else can see any kind of loss except yourself means that you can feel terribly isolated and alone, but that doesn’t change the fact that how you feel is valid and okay. You’ll be alright in the end – just make sure to remind yourself of that. These things take time, so hang on in there!

Are These Things Holding You Back From Making Money?

Everyone wants to make more money, but things are holding them back. You probably agree with this and can think of a ton of features that aren’t conducive to earning power. For example, some people don’t have the right qualifications while others lack the opportunities to grow.

While these are pitfalls, it’s usually the small stuff which has the biggest impact. Plenty of people go about their daily routine without realizing they are inhibiting their finances. Yes, you might be the main cause of your lack of wealth.

To help you take action, underneath are the things that are holding you back that you wouldn’t have guessed.

Your Commute

The worldwide average for a commute is close to fifty minutes; however, it differs depending on your location. Some people have to wait for a full two to two-and-a-half hours before they reach the office. Apart from being tiresome, it’s also an excellent way to lose money. Without enough time in your schedule, it’s almost impossible to put plans into action.

A tip: try and be productive in the morning. Rather than reading the news or listening to music, you can send emails relating to your side hustle. Once it gets off the ground, your earning potential will skyrocket.

Your Bills

Although debts are obvious, it’s tempting to see them as short-term problems. As soon as you have the capital, you’ll pay them off and they won’t be an issue. Of course, the fact they are still around and have been for years is a bummer. And, it means there is a chunk of your already small budget that is set aside each month.

You could use it on investments but you have to pay back your creditors. People with several debts can use a consolidation loan to their advantage. By turning it into one arrear, you won’t waste as much money on interest and you’ll pay the advance back quickly.

Your Qualifications

Qualifications are supposed to help you boost your wealth and eliminate debt. In some instances though, they are counterproductive.

Think about the length of time it takes to acquire a certification. Then, you need to find an employer who will see it as a positive and reward you with a proper wage. This is a long time to wait, which is why you need to cut your studying time in half.

An online MBA without GMAT tests is the answer as students learn the tricks of the trade without wasting time. That way, you can start making money asap.

Your Family

Nobody gets to the top of the ladder without help. Your family is the key because they have resources which they are happy to share.

Whether it is money or childcare, you need to cut costs while spending wisely and parents and siblings are helpful in this regard. So, being estranged can limit your options and make your finances vulnerable.

Although it’s harder than it sounds, making up will give you the opportunity to double your earnings.

Do any of the above hold you back? Are you ready to make a change?

How I Manage Uncertainty

If you are anything like me, uncertainty can be of the biggest anxiety producers in life. I think as human beings it’s ingrained in us to want to know what’s going to happen, to be assured that we will be safe, and to trust that our best interests will always be met. As we all know all too well, we simply can’t be assured of these things, all of the time Or how about ever!).

Sure, we can hold a confident grasp on how certain scenarios may play out, we can take actions to move forward our goals and desires, and we can even tap into our intuitive senses, trusting that all will be well. But we also know that life is unpredictable, and there can be situations that put us on the edge of our seats that make us feel like victims to the world around us.

It certainly feels like the times we are living in right now are the epitome of uncertainty. Right? We simply don’t know what is going to play out from day to day, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself at the edge of my seat yearning for answers, assurances, and a feeling of comfort.

I know how dizzying it can be to constantly feel like your mental, physical, and emotional well being rests on something completely outside of yourself, and so this is why I want to share my process for managing these feelings.

1. Create a strong foundation within yourself: meditate, journal, and take care of yourself.Know and trust yourself completely. When you feel calm, confident, and strong from within, you are better equipped to manage uncertainty regarding what’s happening outside.

2. Get centered and clear on your own personal goals and desires, so that you can take aligned action and be in the energy of what you wish to create. We are all amazingly creative humans, who each and every day are molding and shaping our world. By having clarity on who you are and what you want (from an aligned and compassionate space), you’ll become a strong creative force in the world.

3. Be mindful of the quality and quantity of information that you take in on a daily basis.Sometimes we allow ourselves to go down rabbit holes of information that only lead us to feeling more hopeless, powerless, and unsure. Stay informed on the things that truly matter, and disconnect from the rest.

4. Be conscious of what energy you are putting out into the world. Remember, we are creative, and our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions are powerful. They add up! Ask yourself, What are you putting out there? Is it fear and anger, or love, compassion, and strength?

5. Remember that the present moment is all we truly have. Sure, it’s necessary to plan for the future, but it does none of us any good to future-trip (creating stories and scenarios of what could happen). Stay present in the happenings of the now, and stay focused on what you can be doing in this moment.

6. Be a beacon of hope, faith, and trust. When all else fails, the practice of trust is a powerful one. Affirm within yourself that life will unfold exactly as it should. Have faith that everything is falling into place. Be a source of light and hope for those around you.

I hope these simple reminders are helpful to you in this moment, and whenever life starts to feel overwhelming in this way.

Remember that life is in a constant state of ebb and flow, highs and lows. Also remember that as much as we would like, we can’t control anything that happens in the external world, but we are capable of directing our own thoughts, desires, actions, and deeds.

If we all collectively begin to take responsibility for what is going on inside ourselves, I trust that we all will begin to feel a deeper sense of peace, calm, and happiness.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on uncertainty, and how you manage the unknown. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

How to Deal with People Who Push Your Buttons

Living a positive life feels nice. You can do everything “right” and feel great, but in reality we are still going to come across people that push our buttons. Dealing with people who rub me the wrong way has been one of my biggest assignments in life thus far. Whether it’s a friendship gone south or a random stranger on the Internet, it takes a lot of inner work to deal with people who just rub you the wrong way. Fortunately, there are tools we can use to work through these feelings. Remember, we have a choice in how we act to situations and people, so keep that in mind to stay in your power (and to stay sane)!

  1. Drop the judgment. As you may remember, I have been working on being judgment free, which has come in handy whenever I come across someone who is really getting under my skin. Like in any other situation with judgment, I notice when I’m judging the person, release that feeling, forgive myself, and choose again.
  2. Don’t write a story. You know when someone cuts you in line at the grocery store, and you get so angry and in your mind you think, “What an insensitive jerk that person is.” You are writing a story about what kind of person could be so selfish, when in reality we have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s life at any given moment. Don’t write someone else’s story when they make you angry. Stay present, breathe, repeat a mantra or affirmation, and move forward.
  3. Recognize that the other person is you. This is such a big one! Often times the really annoying things we see in other people are reflections of our own shadows. There have been so many times when I have been beyond irritated with someone, only to go within and realize that the particular person was mirriong something in me. If someone is making you majorly crazy, spend some time in reflection and see if you can come up with what that person might be triggering in you.
  4. Forgive them and forgive yourself. We are all love, right? When someone pushes your buttons and you get feisty with them, it’s ok, but return back to love. Forgiveness is that path back to love. Don’t carry the negative emotions along with you. Say a prayer, take a breath, release the person, release the situation, and move along.
  5. Look at all people as an assignment. A great lesson that I learned from Gabby Bernstein is, “All encounters are an opportunity to transform fear to love and create a miracle.” What can an interaction or a relationship teach you about being a better person? When you look at life from this standpoint you release the victim mentality and take responsibility for your life and your actions.
  6. Wish them well from afar. Even when you can’t seem to do any of the above, do your best to wish this pesky person love, because most likely, it’s really all they need. We don’t set out to be annoying, selfish, mean-spirited, narcissistic, inauthentic, or whatever trait that makes you mad, but when we slip into that role, it’s because we’ve veered from love to fear. When you see someone acting in a certain way, send them love, wish them well from afar, and feel the sense of anger in you release immediately.

I hope these tips help you in dealing when any person or situation that riles you up! Do you have your own tips you use to manage people who push your buttons? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Day!

5 Fastest Growing Industries to Invest In This Year

Are you an investor who wants to venture beyond index funds to pick individual stocks?

Choosing the company to invest in is usually the most challenging task for any beginner in the stock exchange market. While some fundamental filters are applied to any search for individual stocks such as narrowing your search to leaders in the respective industries as well as sectors with viable competitive advantages, there is another filter that can help you refine your search even more: considering the fastest growing industries.

Here are some of the fastest growing industries that you can invest in this year.

1. Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service is an industry that has seen rapid growth in recent years. It is also known as SaaS. This sexy name broadly defines companies who are profiting from selling cloud-based services.

Some of the market leading SaaS companies are customer relationship platform company Salesforce, and a customer support platform is known as Zendesk. Both companies trade access to their platforms by charging recurring fees and both companies have seen extraordinary revenue growth. Their revenues have improved by over 20% year after year.

2. Fintech

Often associated with SaaS companies because of their highly scalable business models and their cloud-based services and products, financial technology companies rely heavily on to meet the financial needs of businesses and customers.

Services offered by Fintech companies include providing e-commerce platforms, payment solutions, peer to peer payments as well as rapid financial solutions.Companies in this industry are experiencing explosive growth. E-commerce platform such as Shopify saw their revenue rise by 62% in the second quarter of 2018.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one the trending topics, and there is a good reason for this. AI applications are found throughout many technologies.

The Alphabet Company is relying on AI across every area of its business. AI shows up in Alphabet’s apps such as Google assistant and in other ways such as auto-generating data to help users compose emails faster.

Alphabet company stated that AI has helped to drive rapid growth as they expect over 26% growth in business. NVDIA’s revenue soared over 60% a year because of inculcating artificial intelligence into their company.

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the use of off-site servers to store, manage and process data.

Fortunately for investors, the two leaders in this industry are Amazon and Microsoft which are still seeing surging growth in their cloud business.

Amazon web services revenue soared over 49% annually indicating accelerated growth.  Microsoft also reported a faster growth rate in its cloud business.

5. Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is also one of the growing sectors. It involves what you use every day.

Clothing can never lose the market. It is just the season you are in that determines the type of cloth you wear. If you are looking to invest in the fashion industry, then better spend your money on stocks as compared to wearables.

Kate spade sales are currently high with its share price index steadily increasing in value. It is one of the most promising companies in the fashion industry. Kate spade stock forecast is favorable; you better take this opportunity.

 Wrap up

Many other industries are experiencing supernormal growth such as electric cars, e-commerce and streaming music.  You have a wide variety of vibrant sectors to choose from.

4 Habits That Add Stress to Your Life

In almost every conversation I have with friends, family, or acquaintances, the topic of managing stress habitually comes up. If I were to poll all of you reading this article right now on what is bothering you the most, I imagine a majority of you would answer something related to stress, and how to manage it.

Yes, stress is annoying, difficult, and frustrating. Stress is part of life; however, just because something is part of our lives, doesn’t mean it has to control our lives. I used to let every little thing stress me out, until I really developed a relationship with my stress. I learned how to manage it and I live knowing it’s there from time to time, but I don’t let it rule my life.

It’s possible to live peacefully with the stresses of our lives. The first step is becoming aware of our stress triggers, so we can take appropriate action. I have made it a point to notice the habits in my life that tend to lead me to a stressful place, and I’m feeling many of you will relate to them! Take a look below at my top four, and see if any of these habits have a roll in your life. I have added some replacements or reframes, so you can begin to manage these with grace and ease.

Multitasking. Whenever I have way too many things going on at once, I feel completely buried in stress. Usually, my multitasking stems from not being organized enough and not mentally having a good grasp of my time management. As we know, when we divide our attention at any given moment, our energy is zapped, our productivity is lowered, and the quality of our work is diminished. Try to get into the habit of doing one thing at a time. Write things down, make to-do lists, and create schedules, so you can trust that there is enough time to get everything done. This will help give your brain a sense of peace.

Excessive Internet use. This one is a huge for me personally. I can very easily get sucked into hours of mindless social media and Internet surfing. Some days I think back and try to calculate the hours I’ve spent on online, and it truly embarrasses me. Yes, we live in the age of the Internet, and our jobs require us to be connected often, but staring at screens 24/7 is not good for our brains, our eyes, or our psyche. Social media can bring up so many emotions from fear to lack to unworthiness. All of these are huge stress triggers. Notice how much time you spend in front of a screen. Give yourself limits. What really works for me is allotting myself a set amount of time to check in online per day. Once I’m done, I’m done. Be disciplined, step away from the phone or computer, and give your brain a break.

Too much caffeine. I love my coffee, but I definitely have those days where the coffee intake is greater than the water intake, and I feel like a total crazy person. While I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should have coffee in your life, I am here to say that it’s important to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day. When I think back on the days that I have physically felt the worst, there is an absolute correlation to the fact that I drank very little water and too much caffeine. How we feel physically has a huge impact on our stress levels. We have to feel good in order to do the good work of our lives. Remembering to drink your water is a simple, effective tool to help keep your nerves at bay. To help me out with this, I recently bought a super cute Swell, reusable bottle that I love bringing around with me.

Saying yes too much. Are you one of those people that has your schedule packed to the brim? Do you say yes to every invite, opportunity, or event? Chances are your packed schedule is leaving you no solo time, which can take its toll on our sense of calm. There is high value in taking part in our societal roles; however, it is equally as important to have the space in between to breathe, be quiet, and regroup. If you are reading this, and can’t remember the last time you spent at least 20 minutes alone, this one is big for you. Know that it’s ok to say no to the things that don’t really light you up. Make alone time a priority, put it in your calendar, and commit to set aside the time. We restore ourselves when we are alone, remember that.
I hope these common habits and their solutions help you on your way to managing stress with ease! Have you noticed any other habits that bring you stress? Let’s keep the conversation going below!

5 Simple Tools to Manage Stress

I don’t know about you guys, but the past few weeks for me have felt a little harried. I have noticed within myself and those around me a deep sense of anxiety and stress. There is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and unease about the state of the world.

Maybe, this also comes from inner turmoil about whether or not we are living the lives we are truly meant to be living. These are some heavy concerns and burdens to bear, right? Stress is a huge component in our lives, and it is one of the biggest blocks to living a life of freedom, ease, and joy. As we all know, stress leads to many physical ailments and diseases; it truly is the root of our problems. Luckily, we live in a world where we have access to tools for managing stress.

Having the knowledge and tools to manage stress and anxiety empowers us to live the life we truly dream of living. If you feel stress creeping in on your day or into your mind, here are my top five tips to keep anxious thoughts and stress at bay.

1. Practice meditation daily. My meditation practice has been my saving grace when it comes to managing the thoughts of the mind and finding a sense of inner peace. One of the biggest misconceptions of meditation is that its goal is to quiet the mind. It’s actually the opposite. The mind will always think, and it is in this dedicated space that I can let some of the errant thoughts go, without harping on them as I would in regular day-to-day moments.

2. Allow yourself to stop. Many of us get so busy in our lives that we believe that we cannot let ourselves stop. Give yourself permission to stop. You may have a long to-do list, but powering through without giving yourself a chance to stop, breathe, and regroup will not give you the results you desire. Stop before you start again.

3. Remember to breathe. In stressful times we tend to tense up, and in some cases we can forget to breathe! Our breath is our life force, and taking nice, deep, calming breaths can create a huge shift in our mind and body. Feeling stressed? Stop and take a deep breath, and you will probably notice instant relief.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the true thief of joy. I have noticed when I compare myself to others, I feel stressed, anxious, and judgmental. We are all unique beings living equally different and amazing paths. Comparing is a waste of time. If you want to compete with anyone, gently do it with yourself. Strive to be the best version of yourself every day. Soon, you will notice you’ll care less what others are doing because you are so in love with what you do.

5. Make time for things that make you truly happy. We live in a society that often says doing things for pleasure is selfish. We know better. Self-care is a must! Put time in your calendar to do something you truly enjoy every day. Take a yoga class you love, get that massage you’ve been craving, or spend time with those who lift you up. Make the conscious decision to choose joy every single day.

I hope these tips help you manage any stressful feelings you are having now and always! Tell me in the comments below, what are your go-to’s for managing stress?

What It Feels Like To Be With The Man Of Your Dreams.

True love is out there, and it will come to you when you least expect it. Here are six traits that the man of your dreams will have!

He’ll miss you when you’re gone

The one for you will love nothing more than being in your presence.  He’ll cherish every moment the two of you spend together. When you’re not there with him, it will feel as though he’s lost a part of himself. It will be as though he’s missing an arm.
He’ll do everything he can to spend every waking moment that he can with you, because it’s just too hard being without you. You deserve nothing less than someone who is in love with you that they can’t stand to be without you.

He will keep his promises

You deserve to be with someone with integrity, someone who has his own values, principles, and follows his own moral compass. You deserve someone that is true to his word.

The man of your dreams will be your soulmate. He’ll be your lover, your best friend, and your life partner. His word is his bond. When he makes you a promise, you’ll know for sure that he’ll do everything in his power to keep it. You’ll be able to rely on him, to trust him with your life.

He’ll tell you the truth

There are few things that are certain in life. We live in a world full of lies and deceit. That’s why each person deserves someone in their life who they know would never lie to them. When you finally meet the one for you, he’ll be someone who you can be sure is only ever telling you the truth, no matter how hard it may be.

He’ll love you no matter what

The one for you will love you with every fiber of his being. It won’t matter what happens between the two of you during your time together – because the love he holds for you is unconditional. He’ll hold you tightly during your worst and darkest moments. He’ll love you through the good and the bad. He’ll be there for you because he sees something in you that he doesn’t see in anyone else, and that’s not something that can just change overnight.

He’ll stand up for you

When you finally meet the person that you’re supposed to be with forever, it will be someone who will always have your back. Someone that you can rely on, someone who knows what it means to defend you and is always willing to do what it takes to keep you safe. When you’re with him, you’ll feel like everything is right with the world, because you know that you’re safe in his arms.
He will never betray you

The man of your dreams will put you above everything else in his life. He would never intentionally hurt you. That means no more silly games, no more worrying about what he’s doing at any given moment – you know that he will be good to you and keep your faith for as long as the two of you live. He’ll be the person that you can rely and depend upon.

This person will come into your life one day, no matter how much it may sometimes seem like he doesn’t exist. He’s out there, and he’s searching for you too. Don’t give up!

Five Ways to Boost Your Mood and Beat the Winter Blues

It’s December, and there may be snow and dreary weather. Perhaps seasonal depression has kicked in for you. Speaking from experience, I know just how trying a grueling winter can be. Most of the time, it’s easiest to just curl up and wishfully sleep through the rest of the season. Since we’re not bears, and we can’t hibernate, let’s come up with some ways we can reverse the winter blues, and create our own sunshine.

1. Meditate. This is always my number one “go to.” We know the drill: Meditation calms the mind, eases the spirit, and starts your day out on a strong foot. Pick a cozy spot in your meditation corner, and instantly boost your spirits. Just 5 minutes will make all the difference!

2. Be in the “Now.” It’s hard to not yearn for the months when the sun will come out again and the snow will melt, but as we have learned, present moment living is a sure fire way to be happy in life. Bring yourself back to the “now,” and find the positives in what is going on at this very second. I promise you, there is always something beautiful to see.

3. Get moving. Exercise makes you happy. We all know it, yet it’s always the last thing we really want to do after a long day. The endorphins matter! Do whatever you can to move your body for at least fifteen minutes each day. Staying stagnant day-after-day can really lead to some low times. Try something new, be adventurous. And if it’s really freezing out there, waltz on into a hot yoga studio and warm your body up from the inside out.

4. Make a Date. Organizing fun activities with loved ones can always turn a frown upside down. Be creative, be a kid again! Take the initiative and spread the love to all of your social circles.

5. Sneak in the Vitamin D. While sunshine can be limited, try your best to get out, and enjoy it when you can. Vitamin D can improve your mood, kicking seasonal depression to the curb! If you’re really craving extra sun, look into buying a sun lamp, or replace some of your light bulbs with ones that are similar to sunlight.

What have you found useful to get you through the winter months? Let us know!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection can be a real drag. We get our hopes and expectations up and sometimes, we just don’t get that job, relationship, opportunity, invite, etc. that we really want. Even though we can experience a vast array of sad emotions when things don’t really work out the way we want them to, it’s so important to remember that the Universe is always working in our favor. So, if it does in fact close a door that we were really hoping would stay open, chances are that something even more amazing will come right around the corner to take its place.

It’s really hard to get our ego minds to understand this, and I even struggle to remember this all the time. Lately though, whenever I hit an end of the road and things are just not working for me that Rolling Stones song, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need” comes into my mind. It’s like a little affirmation confirming that what I want might not be what I need. It’s also a prayer for support and trust.

In the ever spirit of reworking our brains from negative to positive, let’s learn how to look at rejection in a new light. Shall we? Maybe it’s not rejection, but redirection.

1. Ask yourself important questions and get in touch with your emotions. Why did you want this thing (job, relationship, house, car, etc.)? Get to the bottom of your feelings about the situation, and start to truly understand why your ego mind is telling you that you need this thing that you don’t already have. Usually in doing this step, you will come to find that you don’t really need this thing, but your mind keeps telling you that you do.

2. Don’t beat yourself up. Life is filled with highs and lows, and if we are let down by a rejection or denial, it really has nothing to do with our own self-worth; it simply wasn’t meant for you. Don’t allow your mind to get on the negative self-talk spiral taking you into a further state of sadness.

3. Try to see the situation from all perspectives. Even though it may be tough, try to see how it could be a good thing for you to be rejected or denied what you were searching for. Maybe you didn’t get this one job, because you really are interested in exploring something different. Perhaps you broke up with your significant other because you need to spend some time really loving yourself. Get your mind moving in a different, more “big picture” way of thought so you can really feel that this situation is not the end of your world.

4. Let go of control. Usually when we don’t get what we want, we try to muscle our way to get that thing. We scheme, plot, plan, and try and force something to happen that’s simply not meant to be. Realize that there is so much outside of your control, just focus on your own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and let go of the rest.

5. Trust that what is meant for you will find you. Just like stated above with a job or relationship, if you are feeling rejected or denied, feel it deep within yourself that something even better then you could even imagine will take it’s place.

6. Act as if. If you really are searching for something in your life, act as if you already have it. When we send out that desperation signal, we are really saying that we don’t trust or have faith. You are enough and whole just as you are, so act that way!

7. Find a trusted support system to help lift your spirits. While so much that we talk about is about the inner work, it’s also great to have some outside help. Refer to your go-to spiritual running buddies to help keep your mind positive.

8. Be grounded and confident in yourself. Taking off of the idea of Number 6 above, know that even though you may feel down because of this idea of lack or rejection, you still are complete. Be confident in yourself, keep your head up high, and revel in the limitless possibilities of your life.

What are some of your best ways to deal with rejection? How do you take your mind from negative to positive? Let me know!